Comikaze 2012

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2012:

Zydeco Studios’ Floppets

Talk about simple technology that has potential. Zydeco studios earned the award due to their creativity of creating sensors embedded in their “Floppets”, small little ring-like devices that put onto an integrated circuit board created by the studio, can have multiple interactions. For example, we received a complementary Comikaze ring that when put in front of a board that looks like it came out of a story book, started to tell a story or produce sound effects.


Zombie Research Society

Have you always wanted to be prepared in a Zombie apocalypse? Well, the Zombie Research Society can help you with the things you need to fight the living dead. Created for the sole purpose of the study of the living dead, the Society has experts in the scientific field and professionals to help those who want to learn understand the mindset of these biological horrors


There are a lot of cosplay outlets out there so why is this one of our top 10? It’s simple, variety. The amount of cat ears, mustaches, and tails they have is staggering! Every single style and every single color.

Badali Jewelry

The One Ring to Rule Them All? Check, Elven rings? Check. Badali Jewelry had almost all the jewelry from famous movies like Lord of the Rings and much, much more. Even one of our staff members couldn’t resist the temptation of getting one for himself.


Who would’ve thought Fez’s would be so cool? The people at Fez-O-Rama had very intricate designs behind their classy/stylish hats, I think we saw a monkey one with Cthulu!

Myriad Publications

While we see a lot of artists create comic books that are just plainly out of this world, we’ve stumbled upon a few that just captivated us. An example of this is the Tales of the Moonlight Cutter. Inspired by Chinese legend and classic Kung-Fu cinema, the creator of the novel tells the story of a ghost hunter.

Stephen Yan

Steve Yang is one of those artists that are just plain talented and honed their skills to almost near perfection. The reason why we’re giving the award is because we’ve challenged him to draw constantine on the spot which took him just around 5 mins.

The Pumpkin Geek

This is one of those booths in a convention that should have been more in the open instead of the corner. When we visited the Pumpkin Geek, we were awe-struck by the sheer complexity of the art he has formed on pumpkins. It is not your simple pumpkin Halloween, it is a full blown art on pumpkins such as wolverine, the Star Wars Saga Poster, etc. He basically carved it!


Geek Chic

This group of people were just a site to see at Comikaze. Their booth is simply awe-inspiring specially when you call your booth “The Forgery”. Here you’ll find weapons, wands, and even moustaches purely made from wood. Not only that but it is hand carved, they can customize, and they use 100% American grown trees! Ah~Merry~KA!


Abnormal Creatures

If you wander deep enough into the convention, you will stumble upon a tree with mythical creatures of legends created by first time visitors to Comikaze from abnormal creatures. From robotic mechanical Elves to wired pixies they can turn reality into a fantastic fantasy.

So there you have it, 10 vendors with passions that captivated the team at My Geek Review. These are chosen by a number of standards and a consensus vote not just by the whole team but also by the people who came to the convention.

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