AX Abridged Series Panel!


Front row, praise the motorcycles with which we play card games with! This

panel was hosted by Little Kuriboh, Octopimp, and Sparky the Android. Little Kuriboh is

widely known for his internet series, YuGiOh Abridged. Abridging is when you take a

show and shorten it for comedic purposes, using multiple episodes of the series for one

“abridged” episode. Octopimp and Sparky make 50% Off, the abridged version of the

anime series FREE! The room was packed, some people couldn’t even get in! Little

Kuriboh was surprised by the crowd because they kept pouring in during the panel until

the room was fully packed! The three Hosts tried to take a selfie with the crowd and they

had to take two because they thought people were done coming in. They were wrong…

Before they started a Q and A, the Hosts played some Abridged Series episodes.

Little Kuriboh debuted the 62nd episode of his series, which will uploaded onto Youtube

soon. It was great! You could say anyone who didn’t want to laugh didn’t stand a ghost…

of a chance! The entire crowd laughed. A lot. It was like a tremor of guffaws! The

audience squealed quite often, too. People really love the abridged version of Marik!

Hopefully Little Kuriboh uploads the episode somewhat soon, it is very



After YuGiOh Abridged’s episode ended, Sparky and Octopimp premeired the

10th episode of their abridged series, 50% Off! It was pretty funny too, a quake of

chuckles. The episode had a lot of great edits that helped the gags really work. If

you haven’t heard of 50% Off, please check it out on Octopimp’s Youtube channel

which you can find here: Check

his series out, it is pretty funny.


Before they went to Q and A Little Kuriboh played a video by Team Four Star,

the team that abridges Dragon Ball Z, with Little Kuriboh voicing Freeza and the narrator

for their series. The audience at the panel got a special treat because they are the first

people to see this new TFS project! Is it a movie? A new episode? Sadly, you will just

have to wait and see what it is, but it will be worth the wait! While the other two abridged

series’ episodes were hilarious, this new TFS “thing” made the room quake with laughter!

The editing was perhaps the best work the editor has ever done, the script was filled with

a constant bombardment of great jokes, and the voice acting was great! The delivery

really helped the script shine even more!


After the TFS “thing” finished, the hosts answered questions! One question was

about voice acting, what inspired the hosts to be voice actors. Octo was inspired by an

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters special where they showed the voice actors working in the booth

and the voice actors discussed their career, Sparky was asked to be a voice actor by

Octo, and Little Kuriboh just did silly voices even as a kid! One girl asked if Little

Kuriboh could sing “Happy Birthday” to her in his Marik voice, it was adorable!

Kind of. Someone asked what LK’s proudest panel moment and least proud panel

moment was, and he said his proudest moment was convincing someone to like

Attack on Titan by singing the theme song drunk. His least proud moment was swapping

shirts with an audience memeber during a panel, and then people just kept swapping

shirts! “It got really weird,” he said. Someone asked in an alternate universe, what anime

series would they abridge. LK answered Tenchi Muyo, Sparky said G Gundam, and

Octo wants to do JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s OVA but switched to Fist of the North

Star. He did tell the audience to check out Antfish’s JoJo’s OVA abridged, you can find

his channel here: The last question of the

panel was if LK finished the original YuGiOh series would he abridge one of the spin

offs, and LK answered yes! LK would love to abridge ARC-V, the latest YuGiOh]

spinoff focusing on a kid named Yuya Sakaki. But for now, Yugi and the Pharaoh have

more adventuress for LK to abridge!


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