Arrow – Season 1-3 Recap

CW’Arrow has become a mainstay for me to watch. It was a show that tried to be aesthetically similar to Nolan’s Batman trilogy at first, but then managed to find its own style, and paved the way for other shows based on DC’s large list of characters.

With season 4 of Arrow coming up, let’s take a look at the story of Arrow so far, shall we?

Season 1 introduces us to Oliver Queen; playboy millionaire of Queen Consolidated, coming back to Starling City and beginning his crusade to save the city. He takes no name for his vigilantism, but he is referred to constantly as “The Vigilante,” “The Hood,” and “The Arrow.” We get to see Laurel Lance (one of the more central characters for Green Arrow) before she becomes Black Canary. Interspersed between the A-plot, much of the B-plots detail how Oliver survived his family’s boat being destroyed, and his subsequent arrival and survival on an islandHalfway through the season, he focuses his sights on Malcolm Merlyn, who is attempting to destroy the Glades; the more economically distraught areas of Starling City.

Season 2 of Arrow begins with the fallout of Merlyn’s Undertaking, and introduces us to a staple character Green Arrow deals with in the comics: Black Canary (but it’s not Laurel! *gasp*). We also get to see one of DC’s famous villains on screen as the big bad: Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke. He appears in flashbacks during Oliver’s time on the island, only to come back to haunt him in the present. We also see Helena Bartinelli, aka the Huntress, make an appearance this season. Much of the season dealt with Brother Blood (played by Kevin Alejandro) attempting to control Starling City politically, with Slade working in the background, experimenting to create super-soldiers to destroy the city.

Season 3 has Oliver going against the League of Assassins, who want to release a virus to wipe out the cityWe see the Atom, Ray Palmer (played by former Superman Brandon Routh) come in as the entrepreneur who buys Queen Consolidated and takes over. This season also introduces us to Ra’s Al Ghul (sadly not played by Liam Neeson)Much of this season reveals Oliver’s ties to the League of Assassins and his attempt to cut all ties to them.

Much of the flashbacks this season dealt with Ollie off the island, and in Hong Kong. It’s here where we start to see Oliver becoming more of who we see in the show. We also get a nice crossover episode (aptly titled “The Brave and the Bold”) where we get Barry Allen and the characters from the spinoff Flash TV show, make an appearance in Starling City. 

What else may be left for season 4? So far the only confirmed villain who’ll be a major player is Damien Darhk, who was a big antagonist in the comics for the Teen Titans. How he’ll fit into the Arrow-verse will be interesting to see. We can expect the moniker “Green Arrow” now, making him a bit closer to the original comic version. With CW’s Legends of Tomorrow coming later this year, we may see more crossover episodes between them and The FlashI, for one, am excited with how this season will turn out, especially since there is a shared universe within the CW.

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