Anime Expo: NIS America Panel

President’s translator: Today we are in a really big room and i’m kind of surprised. There’s quite a lot of seats open right now. But, regardless, let’s hit it…hard

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Current line up for FAll 2014

Disgaea 4: A promise re visted only PSVITA

 Disgaea4 Official Trailer

Disgea4 August 12

Dangan Ronpa 2 (Goodbye Despair)

Dangan Ronpa 2

Natural Doctrine

Fairy Fencer F Sept 23 (PS3) [Those who like Hyperdimension Neptunia and Mugen souls Z will like this.]

All games are available for pre ordering.

Our new upcoming titles:

The Firefly Diary

Fall 2014 PSVita

Criminal Girls Invite Only

Spring 2015 excuslively PSVita


The Awakened Fate Ultimatum

Spring 2015

Sequel to Paradox

Open to questions:

1) Hyper Dimensiatia License (Neptuni games) do you guys still have license to publish Neputnia games? or Complied Hearts?

They will be doing Rebirth one but going forward it will be title by title. We still have a great relationship with them.

2) Pushing toward social media: Plans for the next few years?

Social Media will be big push. Some things: antics in the office (follow/laugh along). Most proud about company culture at NSA which is truly unique. Pushing diff discounts on online store (flash sales, promotions, etc). Please follow to see more.

3) Can we buy certain shirts they are wearing?

All the shirts our employees are wearing are from  merchandising from AX years ago. Probably will not remake since we have lots more new t-shirts and designs. Four new designs for Newtonia series and t-shirts and Dongon Merch too.

4) Dangan Ronpa: will you pursue more visual novels?

they are pleasantly surprised by everyone’s reactions and try to evaluate things on a title by title basis. If there’s something you’d like to see localized send it in they will definitely look into it.

5) do you plan on making most of your games dual audio?

We do most of them (that we can) like that.

6) Feels like product line is slimmer and slimmer but better

“We will not be remanufacturing however, we try to make as cool stuff as we can but it is hard to gauge what people want so we would like input from all of you. There are at least two people dedicated to the store and to what people want.”

7) In Dangan Ronpa 2: will it come with an English translation of Dangan Ronpa IF?

Is included when you clear it. Everything will be translated on the screen. (Is unlockable).

8) How are you going to change games in the future of Skia games?

I don’t think people should be worried about the changes we are making to the game. Still the game that has embraced Skia culture. Adding elements where lighter users can get into it and then get into harder levels and grinding. Expanding to reach to a wider audience.

9) disgaea4: one comes with a keychain or sound track?

Exclusively, Demongaise didn’t have a soundtrack. disgaea 3 and 4 released on PS3. They’re really cool keychains though!

10) how to get into Localization from XE, ATLAS but where to start?

It depends on what you want to do. Marketing, localization, design, producing, trailers, multimedia.. Whatever skill set you have: hone in on it and show us what you got and if it matches what we need then it’s the right time and place for you.

Also, we hire in house temp testers because it is a great start so they can be engrossed in the culture and learn about what goes on in localization. We like to open up opportunity for testers and see if they’re a great fit.

Q/A wise: do you apply as is?

apply to support mail mostly supported to localization and if we need it we will call upon you. There’s a test that goes with it that they will send you that you must pass before they give you interview. We value culture and value fit people.

11) Dangan Ronpa new Japan Episode

Spike Chin soft announced new episode. Nothing to announce currently from NISA.

12) Media: how do you want us to interact communicate more?

We are currently in the process of hiring someone for PR to do that and help us with that. We wanna see your communication and comments/ questions and talk/answer to you there. We want to have conversations there.

13) Will we get to know you guys?

Maybe once a month, not giving in too much, personal profiles or things similar will be posted to their social media.

14) President: He is working on another disgaea. It will be announced in Fall 2014. We are considering sequels to certain titles like Criminal Girls.

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