Anime Expo 2014 Day 1: FUNimation Guide to AX

At 3:45 pm at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, FUNimation hosted a panel detailing their upcoming titles that were being shown at AX, as well as other features. The hosts were FUNimation’s Justin Rojas and Michelle Lee, who were quite funny and charming.  The panel was as follows:


–       Justin names the stuff/outlines the con for FUNimation:

  • Funimation Preveiw panel Fri at 11:15: which will show previews.
  • Funimation Presents: Tokyo Ghoul Fri 6:00 pm; they say it’s really cool, the first episode on Thurs at 9:00 am PST.
  • Terror in Resonance World Premiere Event; We will see this before anybody in the world, even Japan, this is the world premiere.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods film will be shown on Saturday at at 4pm, with Chris Sabat and Justin Cook (voice of Raditz) taking questions.
  • Funimation Industry Panel: Justin said big announcements “might” happen.
  • HAL English dub movie premiere at 6:30 pm on Saturday; Q&A with Mike McFarland afterward.
  • BAYONETTA: Bloody Fate English dub movie preview and Q&A with director.

–       Also if you scan badge at FUNi booth you will be entered to win a t-shirt, signed Attack On Titan posters or even a big package of free anime DVDs/BDs


–       Tokyo Ghoul Preview: Justin says main character is basically Blade, a ghoul/human hybrid fighting ghouls in the modern world. Looks good, kinda a horror-themed adventure, good artwork and animation, Michelle says if you liked Deadman Wonderland you’ll like this.

–       Also talked about Terror in Resonance premiere, showed preview: looked good, talked about  plot that involves terrorism, mentioned again and again how it was made by a lot of the team behind Cowboy Bebop (including Shinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno).


–       DBZ: Battle of Gods: Justin says people have been asking for over year “when are you going to liscese BOG, and now you know” Panel Saturday at LB 2, trailer was suitably Dragonball-y if you like DBZ movies you’ll probably like this. There is a world premiere of English dub of BOG red carpet premiere tonight at 8:00 pm


–       There was a DBZ cosplay event at the panel, where you tried to guess two numbers to get prizes: one guy was Bulma’s dad, there were several Goku’s, a Master Roshi (whose number was 69, lol) Then they do a number guessing game for all contestants (“call it price is right.”) Two Goku’s won.

–       HAL premiere: Sat at 6:30 pm. Justin almost chocked on some water, it was funny. Michelle said HAL is not like 2001: A Space Odyssey, it is more of a love story. An Android/human love story. Is a movie, not a series. Michelle said she cried when she saw it, but you have to see it to find out why (she says).

–       BAYONETTA: preview is shown, in Japanese; it has lots of traditional animation (with some CG), and looks like adaptation of the first game, looks fun.

–       Space Dandy Booth Babes will be present at the FUNimation Booth on Friday and Saturday: get your photo taken with the Boobies girls!  You could win a trip to Otakon Vegas, where the world premiere of the first episode of Space Dandy’s second season will be held. To enter you have to  “I’m a dandy, baby” to one of the FUNimation booth babes (but respect their personal space!).

After this announcement the panel ended amid much applause.

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