American Horror Story: Freakshow Episode 6 Review

[Spoilers Ahead]

This episode titled “Bullseye” starts off with Elsa bringing out an old spinning wheel and practicing throwing knives on it. The Freaks are celebrating her birthday when she realizes that they don’t look too happy. When she asks them what’s wrong, Jimmy wanted to make sure that the story Elsa told them about Bette and Dot running away was true. Elsa gets mad and tells them to forget about the twins. She doesn’t appreciate them talking about her behind her back tells them that without her, none of them would have been alive. So to prove their loyalty, Elsa tells the freaks to get on the spinning wheel and let her do the knife routine. Paul the Illustrated Seal volunteers himself. Elsa misses twice but the third time, she purposefully throws a knife into Paul’s chest and refuses to call a doctor. At Mott manor, Dandy claims his love for the twins to his mother telling her that he plans to marry them. Dot doesn’t trust Dandy at all but when she hears about a surgery that can separate conjoined twins, she decides that she’s going to use Dandy to help pay for the surgery. Back at the camp, Stanley pressures Maggie to lure Jimmy to a barn so they he can cut off his lobster hands. Reluctant to do it, Maggie suggests that they take Ma Petite instead. She sneaks into her tent at night and brings her to the barn; when she tries to kill her, she finds she cant go through with it. Maggie begs Jimmy to leave the town with her but Stanley finds out she couldn’t kill Ma Petite and says that they’re going to get Jimmy’s lobster arms no matter what. Dandy finds out Dot doesn’t trust him when he reads her diary without permission. He cries and tells his mom about it when Jimmy shows up at their door. He welcomes him in saying he must be here for the twins.


This episode showed more character development for Maggie. We now know that she likes Jimmy and cant go through with killing him. I really wanted to see more Dandy because I really like his character. Any misstep could make him fly off the handles and go nuts! I can’t say much about this episode because not much was going on. It was mainly “Where are the twins? and “how do we get them back?” While Dandy is an apparent threat, Stanley stays on the sidelines silently waiting. It’s crazy just how far he will go just to get recognition in his field of study.


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