American Horror Story: Freakshow Episode 5 Review

[Spoilers Ahead]

The 5th episode of American Horror Story: Freakshow titled “Pink Cupcakes” is all over the place. First, There’s Stanley imagining a celebration in his honor at the museum of morbidity. And there we see Bette and Dot’s heads in a display case for all to see. After he’s done imagining that, he introduces himself to Elsa as a WBN television agent and offers to give her a Television show of her own. She declines the offer at first, but finally gives in when the crowd hears her perform her routine of “Life on Mars?” and they hate it. Maggie tries to warn Jimmy about Stanley but to no avail. Jimmy, by Ethel’s orders, goes to Dell’s trailer to retrieve him. Turns out Dell isn’t there and Desiree explains that he hasn’t been there for a while. Desiree tells Jimmy that he’s wrong about Dell and then talks about the good times they shared together. Elsa gets dressed and ready to leave for her publicity photos for the Television show when she is shocked to see Bette and Dot get into the car with Stanley. Stanley, again, begins imagining things, but this time it’s about killing the twins with poison cupcakes. This actually doesn’t work because Dot refuses the cupcake saying they need to watch their figure. Later that day, Elsa tells the twins that, as their new mentor, she needs to get them new clothes; she has arranged for a seamstress to craft something so they can look their best. Meanwhile Dell is at a gay bar trying to convince an artist by the name of Andy (Matt Bomer) to stay with him. Andy says he’s still married; Dell breaks down and leaves the bar. Dandy shows up and talks to Andy; he leads Andy to the abandoned bus where Twisty used to live but he insists he’s not gay. He tells Andy to take his clothes off and he’ll take his off too. That’s when Dandy stabs Andy multiple times and dismembers his body while he’s still alive. Afterward, he shows up back home, covered completely in blood. Meanwhile, Elsa is driving the twins but she doesn’t take them to the City. Instead, she takes them to the Mott house and offers them to Dandy’s mom.


There were so many things going on in this episode that it was a little hard to keep track of it all. More things are starting to unfold and the show is starting to switch gears-FAST. Dandy, as I expected, is becoming more twisted as the episodes go on. And I like that a lot. He actually has a goal in mind: to be the perfect murderer. Who would even think of something like that?! Of course we also see a more human side to Dandy when hes murdering someone; I feel that might take some effect on him later on….or maybe not! We’ll just have to wait and see.


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