American Horror Story: Freak Show Episode 8 review

[Spoilers Ahead]

Wow. I was right when I said that the previous episode was a huge lead up to what happens this episode. “Blood bath” was a fitting title to this episode. I should have been ready right? Wrong.

The episode starts off with the troupe discovering the bloody dress of Ma Petite in the woods. While everyone mourns, Ethel confronts Elsa on the matter; she thinks Elsa did it so that Ma Petite wont steal the spotlight from her. Elsa gets mad and tells her that she loved Ma Petite when Ethel shoots Elsa in the leg. It prompts a flashback to when Elsa was involved in the snuff film and got prosthetic legs.

Ethel tries to shoot Elsa again. Instead, Elsa kills Ethel by throwing a knife through her eye. With the help of Stanley, Elsa makes it looks as Ethel drove a vehicle into a tree to commit suicide. The one hit hardest is Jimmy. He falls into a pit of despair and alcoholism and completely shuns Maggie but takes comfort in a new member of the troupe, a morbidly obese woman by the name of Barbara.


During Ethel’s burial, Amazon Eve, Deseree, and Penny decide that they’re tired of being treated badly and come up with a plan to kill Penny’s father. (Plan: to sneak into the house, knock him out and bring him back to Dell’s trailer.) They Tar and Feather him, preparing to mutilate him when Maggie steps in and begs them not to go through with it. Penny gives in and frees him; she instead, banishes him from her life.


Meanwhile, Regina visits Mott Manor for the whereabouts of mother and refuses to leave until she sees her. Gloria, already under a lot of anxiety and stress, lies to her. Later, Gloria tricks Dandy into visiting a doctor thinking its to test his IQ ( it’s actually there to help with his issue). Furious, he kills her and LITTERALLY bathes in her blood.

I was shocked; the episode was brutal but thrilling. The title was literal, a perk I didnt expect. Then again, what else can be expected from AHS? Unlike before, I don’t have a foresight on the next episodes. However, Dandy has become the character I thought he would; he steals the show!


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