American Horror Story: Freak Show episode 7 review

[Spoilers Ahead]

Start: Jimmy at Mott Mansion retrieving the twins and finding out the Dandy had brainwashed Bette into thinking it was he who saved the children from Twisty. Dot decides to leave with Jimmy when Dandy tells her that he read her diary.

Upon returning to the Freak Show, Jimmy confronts Elsa about lying. The twins tell him he misunderstood the situation hoping to blackmail Elsa in the process.

Penny returns home to her father to tell him that shes in love with Paul the illustrated seal and things arent going to change. That’s when we get introduced to a new character named Morris. He’s a Tattoo Artist who changes Pennys face and gives her a forked tongue as per orders from her dad to make her into the freak shes always wanted to be. Stanley sees dell at a gay bar and threatens to reveal his secret to the rest of the camp unless he brings the dead body of a freak to him. Dell decides to attempt to kill the Amazon woman but is overcome by her strength and beaten. The women of the Camp assume that Dell was trying to rape her. They band together to come up with a plan to kill him until Jimmy steps in and takes Dell out for a drink. Dell and Jimmy show signs of character development- Dell tries to kill Jimmy with a brick. Jimmy starts crying and asks Dell why he wont admit to being Jimmy’s father; They bond together and return to the camp drunk. Dell tucks Jimmy into bed but later that night, he Brings Ma Petite a dress and kills her.


Unfortunately, this episode left little to discuss. There was new development from Dell. We see how gentle he is on the inside as well as how far he will go for his goals. The majority of this episode were small events that may, ultimately, lead to a larger story. I’m excited to see whats in store for us.


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