American Horror Story: Freak Show Episode 4 Review

[Spoilers Ahead] The fourth episode is the second part to the Edward Mordrick 2 part special. Edward continues to look around the camp for the Purest freak in the camp. He runs into Elsa and we learn about her life before she became part of the Freakshow. Elsa begs Edward to take her from this life, but he gets distracted by some music and leaves her alone. Jimmy and Maggie venture into the woods to avoid being arrested when they stumble upon Twisty’s Trailer. They free the people trapped and call the police; Jimmy gets captured by Dandy and Twisty and is almost murdered. They escape and Edward finds Twitsty. Twisty reveals his backstory about he was accused of being a molester and a pervert. Which of course, wasn’t true.


He spirals into depression and kidnaps little children to make them his audience. Edwards feels the pain and suffering that Twisty went through and kills him to make him a part of the spirit troupe. When the town finds about Twisty’s death, the curfew is lifted and the town goes by the freakshow to thank Jimmy for freeing the people. However, Dandy picks up Twisty’s mask to continue the murderous rampage. When he arrives home, he murders Dora.


This episode showcases the freaks and answers questions. The freaks are gaining the respect they deserve and the circus is gaining more people. I like the direction the show is taking because while the freaks are safe for now, there is still danger lurking. It is cool to see Dandy taking over Twisty’s role because, while Dandy is nothing but a spoiled brat, I’ve seen what dandy is capable of and it’s pretty scary. Dandy is the kind of person to do it because he’s bored whereas, Twisty actually had some kind of motive. So I’m really excited to see if Dandy spirals into insanity because that would be an interesting development of character.

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