American Horror Story: Freak Show Episode 2 Review

[Spoilers Ahead]

The second episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show titled “Massacres and Matinees”, starts off with the police showing up at the freak show to investigate the disappearance of the detective from the first episode. Elsa tells them they have no right to search the camp without a warrant. The police tell her that a curfew is going to in place on the whole town until the murderer is caught. This of course means there will be no shows in the meantime. Meanwhile, a new character is introduced; “Strong Man” Dell Toledo (Michael Chiklis) and his wife the hermaphrodite Desiree (Angela Basset) they arrive at the camp to ask Elsa for a job and she tells them that they’re full. Dell pleads and says he’ll do any job so Elsa sets him up as the camp bodyguard.


A little later, Elsa reviews Bette and Dot’s skills to give them a role. As it turns out, Dot can actually sing. Dell is impressed thinking of the performances; Elsa cuts his off relaying the detective’s curfew threats. He gets mad and says he’ll make a 3pm matinee. Elsa explains why that wont work because people come in the night to see freaks. Dell’s anger gets the best of him as he storms off to disobey Elsa.


Dell’s got a bit of a temper and his interactions with Jimmy don’t go to well either: He beats the guy up! Jimmy’s character finally develops! He comes to the conclusion that he’s not as strong as he thought. This is good because Jimmy is basically the “Peoples champ” in a sense. He wants the people outside to see the good side of the freaks and have them realize that they’re the same as average people.

We run into the killer clown from the first episode again when he is hired by Dandy’s mom to entertain Dandy. We Finally get a glimpse of just how twisted dandy really is. I mean he drinks alcohol from a baby’s bottle for crying out loud! After following the clown into the woods, he decides to help Twisty with his operation. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to frame Dell by Putting the murdered detective’s badge in his tent but it backfires when Dell actually frames another Freak (Meep) and puts it in his tent instead. and the police arrive and arrest Meep for the murder of the detective. Meep is actually one of the more innocent freaks and already doesn’t deserve this because he did nothing wrong. This episode started on a high note and ended on one also. There are many characters and they’re all so very creative. We get an in depth view of the twisted universe that is American horror Story: Freak Show and it begs the question, Who are the real freaks here?


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