American Horror Story: Freak Show Episode 1 Review

Another year, another season of American Horror Story. This time around the focus is on a freak show in Jupiter, Florida ; it’s one of the last remaining freak shows in America. The setting is much more colorful and appeasing to look at than the previous seasons of AHS and since the setting is a freak show, it keeps that eerie and creepy factor that we’re all used to. The first episode starts out with a milkman delivering milk to a home. When he approaches the door, he finds the milk from last time hasn’t been touched. He decides to go in an investigate only to find the dead body of the houses owner in the kitchen. He thinks the murderer is still in the house and decides to check it out. That’s when he finds the injured Siamese twins Bette and Dot(Sara Paulson);11114

 they are rushed to the emergency room. We are then introduced to Jessica Langes’ character, Elsa Mars, and the freak show she owns; as she shows a business card with the name “Fraulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities.” on it. The show takes place in the fifties when it was innocent and simpler time. I like this season so far because not everything is as innocent as it seems. The freaks live in a seemingly perfect world where everyone wants to look good and have a nice family and settle in but because they don’t look normal, they are shunned by the rest of the world. So I can already see how things might turn for the worst with the interactions between the freaks and normal people.American-Horror-Story-freak-show-insert-7

[Spoilers Ahead] Towards the end of the episode we find out that Bette and Dot are accused of the murder of the their mother. and the Police are after them. They find the twins at the Freak show because Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters) left a banner up of their new addition to the Freakshow, the Siamese twins. A Detective tells them that he’s going to get the rest of the police force there by tomorrow morning. The detective makes a remark about how they’re “just freaks” and it won’t be hard to convince the judge that they’re up to no good. Jimmy Darling gets mad and says he’s tired of being judged by everyone else just because he’s a freak; he murders the Detective. This season started off on an amazing note and I cant wait for the rest of the episodes. I didn’t particularly like the setting at first because it didn’t have that AHS feel where everything is gloomy but I know this will grow on me.


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