All your Marth are belong to us!

With the release of the brand new WiiU peripheral, Amiibo, Nintendo “game freaks” from around the world once again sank their teeth and wallets into a whole new craze. However, the recent revelation from Nintendo, that our cult favorite characters (currently only available for the new “super smash bros.” video games) have been discontinued left the hearts of many fans, immediately broken. While a majority of us have remained loyal to our Nintendo family since birth, most members of the Church of Nintendo have begun to question why their glorious leader would do such a thing to them. This journalist wanted to know exactly what happened to the supplies that were already sold.
People eagerly await the release of the coveted Marth Amiibo Figure.

People eagerly await the release of the coveted Marth Amiibo Figure.

The biggest heartbreaker, Marth, was the first to go (followed swiftly by the Villager and Wii Fit Trainer figures). So, in an effort to get the facts straight, I started with the core audience. Searching through back-water forums from around the Internet, I finally found one sane commentor who was willing to share her thoughts. I asked the Nintendo fiend, who claimed to have a so far complete collection how she had gotten a hold of these figures. She explained that, as a fan, she had planned to get these figures the moment they were available and bought one of every character. After the reveal of their limited quantity, however, she became worried.
I wouldn’t have cared so much if it wasn’t for the repercussions it will have on future characters.
She went on to say that if her only competition was with other console owners who only wanted to power up their character abilities as she did, but instead, the market was flooded with scalpels, collectors and “purists”, as she called them.
As the conversation became more heated she then exclaimed that these people, “didn’t even own a WiiU, they can’t play with us”!
One eBay user's stockpiled amiibo figures.

One eBay user’s stockpiled amiibo figures.

Seeing that this was much bigger than just fan outcry, I took my search to eBay, a site where all of the discontinued figures were being sold.
After locating three figures, and buying one for myself, I found one user who had quote, “Five Marth figures stock piled for future use.
When asked why he needed so many figures, he said that his goal was to resell the thirteen dollar figures at a higher price so as to make a profit, he also claimed that he will do the exact same thing when other characters once they are available.
I then asked him whether he had any intention to open any of the figures and play with them as they were intended, to which he asked, “Why the hell would I do that”? My final question to the Internet scalper was that if his intention was to make money off these figures, why did he buy so few? His response was simply that, “he couldn’t find any more”.
While the markets do have their fair share of scalpers, unloading these figures for ungodly amounts of money, there was still a large chunk of the supply left unaccounted for, at which point my search seemed at a dead end. Until the eBay user was able to direct me to a friend of his, a person he claimed played exclusively on the PC platform. A person he claimed was collecting these figures for, “A very specific purpose”. Unable to get a name out of him, I was told to refer to this person as a representative of the “Glorious peoples of the PC master race”. I was unable to get much information, but what I did get was indeed very interesting.
PC Master Race Propaganda found in popular forums.

PC Master Race Propaganda found in popular forums.

Arriving in the form of very well rehearsed public statements.
When asked whether or not they were in possession of any figures, they replied, “Yes, the glorious Master Race is in possession of most of the worlds supply of Amiibo”. I then asked if they at all planned on playing with the figures or sell them online, to which they responded angrily, “we would never encourage the sale of toys which support an imperial, capitalist regime which enslaves its consumers through disgraceful sales tactics. To suggest that our people ‘play’ with the toys is a grave insult and act of war. It is despicable to suggest that we play with a console which can only produce inferior content and childish propaganda, when our perfectly designed computers can offer us everything we need. This is not a game, these toys will remain in their originally sealed  packaging and on our book shelves so as to be glanced at as a reminder of what other cultures believe to be a ‘fun game'”.
The representative also went on to state that “serious repercussions”, would follow should anyone else have the audacity to insult their superior intellect. Though we can certainly hope for a surge in production of Amiibo figures in the future, two facts remain. One, that these figures are being hunted mercilessly for their rarity and that with all malicious intent, some men really do just want to watch the world burn.
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