Public Relations Staff


Jassi Patayon:

Communications Specialist

My Geek Review’s PR representative and events specialist! Any event that is a major play in the geek worlds doesn’t pass the eyes of this man. From Press Events to Interviews, our PR person is responsible for bringing you the exclusives you want to see and hear!

Kevin McFarland:

PR Specialist (in training)

With a passion for Gaming, Anime, and just general Geekery Kevin is one of our best PR team members and is often times found with our convention teams on the show floor or running things from the press room.

Christopher Saenz:

PR Specialist

Chris is a gamer at heart but has a love of Comics and Movies. He works with us like Kevin at most of our local events scouting for people we’ve interviewed in the past, and for new people to talk to and interview. If you ever get a chance to sit down and chat with him while he’s not working you’ll find a gamer who you can shoot the breeze with for hours at a time.

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