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My Geek Review offers a site where opportunities are endles in the nerd world. Comprised of people passionate of the geek culture and technology, My Geek Review functions as the leading medium in exclusive stories from the fans and by the audiences. Though we have a staff creating content in the website, 90% of our content comes from you, the people who make this website strong.

Meet us!


Sam/Knash: samgreen@mygeekreview.com

President/CEO, News Team Coordinator, PR, and Journalist

With a huge passion for geek culture and technology, Sam Green, aka Knash, turned a dream to reality by creating My Geek Review. Aiming to be the website for geeks, by geeks, he recruits and manages people of the geek world by making their work of passion flourish on the site.


Jassi Patayon

Journalist & PR/Communications

Jassi is one of those who keep the engine running here at My Geek Review. Having sources and PR contacts from all over the industry, this one-man army produces and helps audiences with their content.


Paige Phipps:


If you see her, chances are, she already took a photo of you or anything she sets her eyes on that is newsworthy. You won’t see her, but you know that she’s there getting the latest scoop with her lens. Even Stan Lee was caught unexpectedly by her photographic skills.


Melvin Galloway

Production Team Coordinator

Upon the hundreds of videos we have, one person is responsible for creating these videos into masterpieces. Melvin possesses a strong background in filming, producing, acting, writing. Without mincing words, he is a gold-star production specialist.


Joshua Rose:



Jenya Romanovsky

Lead Editor

A scholar, a workhorse, a goofball, a hippie, Ms. Romanovsky believes in literacy and equality for all. She would go to work, to war, and to jail to further her cause, but few were ever called on to go to war for good grammar and well-placed commas. Away from monsters, mecha, and orthography, Jenya likes to cook, drink beer, and watch sports – mainly cricket.


  1. Avatarsteven richolin

    I’m honored to say that I have known this Geek for along time. I wish I could only be half the awesome Geek that Sam is.

    Best Regards,

    steven the eye doc

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